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We harness the power of The Predictive Index to identify your team’s strengths, weaknesses & needs – to develop a strategic action plan to help you break boundaries. With smarter decision-making, your business can easily be optimized for productivity and success.

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It all starts with a 6 minute assessment, so you can:

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Know Your Team

Developing A Business Strategy

Develop A Strategy

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Solve Your Teams Biggest Problems

At Meraki Consulting, we provide a holistic approach to talent optimization, helping organizations make data-driven decisions, improve talent management practices, and ultimately achieve their business goals more effectively. In doing so we can solve some of the toughest challenges today’s leaders are facing.

  • Identify Roadblocks & Missing Resources
  • Succession Planning & Leadership Development
  • Reduce Turnover/Boost Engagement
  • Performance Improvement & Skill Gaps
  • Rectify Communication Hurdles
  • Establish Success With Hybrid Teams
  • And more!

Get Expert Guidance Every Step Of The Way

The Predictive Index provides a wealth of insights into your workforce, but it’s the expertise of a consultant that transforms these insights into actionable strategies.  When you partner with a Predictive Index Certified Consultant, like Meraki Consulting, to guide you every step of the way, you’re taking the first step in unleashing the full potential of your organization. How long our engagement lasts is entirely up to you – whether you need help aligning strategies with work styles for a one-off project or are looking for a more permanent coach to help grow and develop your management team over time (or something in between) – we have a solution to meet every need.