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Death by Meeting

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You are sitting in a meeting, and it was made clear it wasn’t optional for you, there is no agenda, no clear objective was stated in the email or calendar request, you’re not sure who else is supposed to be in the meeting or what is supposed to be accomplished. 

The clock is ticking, albeit slowly and painfully, and you are thinking about all the things you could be doing that would be more productive. Finally, the end is in sight until it isn’t because that one person who always has to ask a question does it…prolonging the misery. Ugh! You think to yourself, ‘well, there goes 45 minutes of my life I will never get back…aaand, my motivation to live.’

You make it back to your little cube, avoiding eye contact with everyone so you don’t get pulled into a conversation you’d rather not have. 

As you begin to refocus your efforts to meet deadlines the post meeting email hits your inbox with an unwarranted urgency and read receipt. You quickly skim to see if there was anything important that you missed as you contemplated what beverage would quench your thirst for a better work life at happy hour…and nope, nothing that pertains to you or supports the projects you’re working on currently. 

Total waste of time and energy. 

And the insult to the injury…it will happen again and again.

Rinse and repeat. 

Until the day comes when morale tanks, details slip through the cracks, people mumble & grumble…and the good ones leave. Oh no!!

What’s the next most common knee-jerk reaction from management when they realize there are problems?
You guessed it! More meetings. Heavy sigh.

This doesn’t have to be your reality.

You can attend and lead meetings that effectively communicate updates on key projects, relevant data for use by teams and stakeholders across the entire organization, resources available and needed, timelines, budgets, mission, vision, strategic alignment evaluation, and so much more. 

All while rallying the troops and keeping everyone in the loop.

And…(drum roll, please)

You can do all of this with a simple set of guidelines and a done-for-you template – linked below!

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