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Language of Love

The Language of Love

Every word we ever speak is rooted in one of two places: love or fear.

This realization hit me square in the face several years ago when my life coach was helping me work through a particular challenging phase in my life. I was teaching full-time, volunteering, managing a blended family, and attempting to discern my next best career move (because teaching was only supposed to last through grad school). I was stuck and overwhelmed!

During one of our meetings he recommended three books to read and reflect upon: The Seat of the Soul and The Heart of the Soul, by Gary Zukav and The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. Two days later I was diving into them. The overarching and unifying theme: LOVE vs. FEAR. And we all choose each and every day, all day long, one of these two places from which to respond to ourselves and everyone else.

So, which one are you choosing??

The language of fear sounds something like this: I am not enough; There is not enough time in the day; I will be happy once…; If only I could lose 10 pounds and…; My kids will never… and so on. Feel free to fill in the blanks or add your own prompts because the list is endless.

You see, fear is the root of darkness in life. It brings with it judgment, criticism, lack, bitterness, angst, worry, despair, competition, expectations, and pain. And when we use this language within ourselves (you know, that annoying negative voice) and with others we become the antithesis to light, love, and creation. We project and internalize negative energy. Not our best choice, right?!?

Then there is love. The language of love sounds like: I totally have this; Whatever challenge comes my way I know I can conquer it; I choose to be happy; My body performs the most amazing feats every single second of the day and I will reward my body with good food and plenty of rest; My beautiful children will try and fail, in doing so they will learn and I will choose to love and support them unconditionally. See the difference there? How do those words feel?

Words are important! We can live or die by them. Our thoughts become words and our words become actions and our actions can create or destroy. I don’t know about you, but I intend to create and radiate love. Even in silence.