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Framing & [Re]Framing - Adventures in Perspective

Framing & [Re]Framing – Adventures in Perspective

A Part of Our Mindset Series

Picture this…

You’re at your favorite coffee shop with one of your favorite humans. As luck would have it, the comfy chairs by the window are open and the two of you are enjoying the picturesque view while sipping and savoring the delectable treats you’ve chosen. 

The music plays in the background ever so slightly above the hustle and bustle of baristas and patrons. The conversation flows and as you breathe in the aromas of coffee, leather, and spices a smile lights up your face. You’re feeling pretty good about life. 

And yet, something beneath the surface begins to bubble up inside you. 

In a moment of comfortable vulnerability, you share a recent experience that has left a sour taste in your mouth. As you verbally paint the picture, your compadre listens intently, nodding and sipping. You see the softness of empathy in the expressions on her face as you move through the hero’s journey.

Then there’s that moment of silence.

Both of you are processing the story and its implications. 

What follows is the choose-your-own-adventure moment in this conversation. Will she agree and wallow in the mire with me? OR…Will she tap into her higher self, get curious, and challenge me to look at this in a different way?

Let’s find out together… select a path below to see what happens next.