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Crafting Your Why and Mission

Crafting Your Why and Mission

Embrace Your Purpose, Define Your Legacy

One of my favorite humans is Simon Sinek. His book, Start With Why, was and is much needed in the world. He eloquently reminds us all of the importance of our vision, our purpose, our why

Without why, nothing else really matters. 

I wonder how much time people actually spend considering their why. Or how many dare to ask why, when a request, demand, mandate, or law is communicated and an expectation for them to act is implied. 

What is your ‘Why’? Your personal vision for your life. The purpose that keeps you going when things are falling apart. 

What is your company’s ‘Why’? Does it align with yours? Does it inspire you? Is it true…as in, is it communicated effectively, embraced by all, aligned with the culture & strategy, upheld at all levels of the organization, and felt throughout the community? 

Do you ever feel numb? Disconnected? Feel like something is missing?

Me too. 

The Power of Personal Clarity

In the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to lose sight of our own compass. How often do we pause to ponder our ‘Why’? That deep-rooted purpose that fuels us through life’s ebbs and flows. It’s not just a luxury—it’s a necessity for navigating the maze of existence. And what about your company’s ‘Why’? Does it resonate with the same fervor, from the lofty boardroom to the front lines of action? A unified purpose isn’t just a corporate buzzword—it’s the heartbeat of a thriving organization.

When things seem off like the whole world is moving along and you’ve been left behind, what do you do? How much do you endure before taking a pause and getting curious? Who do you turn to for a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings and reconnect to yourself and those you love?

I have a team I turn to. It’s my inner circle. And I couldn’t make it through this world without them. When I forget my why, they remind me. When I get lost, they send search and rescue to find me and bring me home.

In a world abuzz with distractions, finding your ‘Why’ isn’t just a journey—it’s your north star guiding every decision. But what is your ‘Why’? Your guiding light when all seems lost?

Turn Your Why – Into Your Mission.

We all have a reason for BEing here in this space and time…a strength within that we are called to share with the world. What’s YOUR Mission? How have you turned your why to extend beyond the individual—into a gift to the world? 

Need help? Am I asking for a bit too much introspection to tackle on your own? Let’s embark on this journey together.

Craft your legacy. Embrace your purpose. It’s time to shine brighter than ever before.