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The 3 R’s of Developing Resilience in Your Team

The 3 R’s of Developing Resilience in Your Team

Renew - Refresh - Revive

We are all familiar with the 3 R’s of Recycling…Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

It’s a brilliant framework in that it is concise, memorable, and actionable. Truly everything a framework should be. 

When you polish off a gallon of milk or a bottle of wine do you immediately rinse it and toss it in the recycle bin? Or consider ways to reuse and repurpose it? If so, the campaign to raise awareness about protecting the environment is a success. 

What about another, often overlooked, yet extremely valuable resource? 

Our People. 

We’ve all seen the statistics. 

  • Burnout: roughly 45% of respondents [1]
  • Stress & Anxiety: over 30% of adult respondents [2]
  • Depression: 32.3% of American adults [2]
  • Substance Use Disorders: 17.3% age 12 or older [7]
  • Domestic Violence: average of 20 people per minute [5]
  • Mental Illness: 57.8 million adults [6]
  • School Drop Out/Failure Rates: 2 million status dropouts in 2021 [4]
  • Rising COLA & Stagnant Wages: 53% report paychecks not keeping up with inflation [3]

There’s no denying we have a serious problem. 

Which begs the question, “What are we doing to solve these problems?”

They are solvable. Completely. 

Most likely the solution is quite simple too. 

Here’s where my thoughts go…

I get curious and begin to ask questions such as: 

  • What frameworks are we employing to ensure their health, well-being, and sustainability? 
  • Are they accessible to all people or a select few? 
  • Readily available and free to enjoy or upon request and approval?
  • What frameworks, policies, laws, practices, or agreements are needed so that every human on the planet has a real opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive? 
  • How do we measure the impact and viability of a people-sustaining framework aimed at improving overall health and wellness? 

This is where they landed – Renew, Refresh, Revive. 

In order to Renew our sense of self, enhance feelings of wellness, and cultivate an inner calm that projects outward strength, we need to consider the pace at which we move through our days, account for the activities that inspire us or drain us, and intentionally align our natural rhythms with our daily practices. 

Next, we can Refresh our views, opinions, thoughts, ideas, and ways of being by scrutinizing our cultural norms, systems, traditions, values, and beliefs. 

We can let go of those that no longer serve the greater good (ahem, factory model…pay gaps…women’s rights to govern their health…the injustice system…school systems that don’t actually educate anyone…micromanagement) and embrace a more inclusive and holistic approach to living and working cooperatively and collaboratively. 

At last, we can Revive the human spirit (and will to live) through the adoption and implementation of human-centric systems and practices. We can create harmony in and amongst ourselves with a deep understanding of our gifts and strengths. 

We can create education systems that develop those gifts through experiential learning designed with and for each individual. When purpose and passion meet in safe environments to explore and develop our skills, we naturally find our place in a kind world. 

A world designed for prosperity and peace. A world that embraces diversity. A world that thrives on cooperation rather than competition. A world that supports and honors life in all its many forms. 

Imagine that. 

Have you take a moment to Renew – Refresh – Revive? I’d love to hear about it.